Official Trick-or-Treat Hours in City of Fairfax

Halloween trick or treating is permitted in the City of Fairfax between , 6-8 PM on October 31st.,

All trick-or-treaters should be supervised by an adult. Children should never enter a house while trick-or-treating, especially a stranger’s house.
Additional Halloween Safety Tips
Adults and children can keep Halloween safe and fun by following safety rules recommended by the City of Fairfax Police Department.
Trick-or-treaters and their escorts should be familiar with their routes, and all pedestrians should be visible in the dark by wearing light-colored costumes or carrying flashlights or glow-sticks. Make sure any masks do not obscure vision and costume attire doesn’t have the potential to trip, choke or otherwise injure.

No matter how tempting the treats are, children should refrain from indulging in candy and other edible hand-outs until after they get home. All treats should be examined by the adults – before anything is eaten – to make sure all edibles and toys are safe.
If youngsters attend a party, adults should know the details: whereand when the party is and what adult supervision will be provided. Parents and guardians can add other information to the list as needed (other participants, transportation, treats, activities, etc.).

Pedestrians should always walk on the sidewalk or path. Be lawful: cross at street corners or crosswalk and obey traffic signals and crosswalk signs. Watch for cars, especially those that might be turning or backing up.
Drivers also need to be careful on Halloween: watch for pedestrians, drive slowly and cautiously. Expect surprises in the form of “creatures” large or small dashing into the street and from between parked cars.
For information, call 703-385-7966.

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2 Comments for “Official Trick-or-Treat Hours in City of Fairfax”

  1. Citizen

    I find it very strange that the City of Fairfax is “Permitting” trick-or-treating. I hope this language is not coming from the city. As far as I know, door to door solicitation is not a controlled nor illegal activity, we do still live in a free country don’t we?

  2. Malcom Gladwell

    Seems like a pretty innocuous way to say it’s sanctioned and therefore subject to the watchful eye of the police. I’m thankful they stay on top of it and make sure people know they are out there keeping the miscreants at bay.

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